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A social media post featuring US and UK soldiers alongside the British Defence Advisor in Islamabad, Pakistan has been generating controversy. The image, reportedly taken in Pakistan-occupied territory claimed by India, has drawn criticism and sparked a temporary suspension of the Defence Advisor’s account.

The specific details surrounding the photo and the reason for the account suspension remain unclear. However, the location of the picture has become a major point of contention.

The region depicted in the photo is part of Kashmir, a territory claimed by both India and Pakistan. This long-standing territorial dispute is a sensitive topic in both countries, and any perceived external validation of Pakistan’s claim can inflame tensions.

India strongly objects to any foreign presence in PoK, considering it an integral part of its territory. The presence of foreign military personnel, particularly from nations with close ties to Pakistan, is likely to be viewed as a provocation by India.

While the reason for the account suspension is unclear, the timing coincides with the emergence of the controversial photo. Whether this is a direct consequence or simply coincidental remains to be seen.