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In a groundbreaking development, a private sector company showcased its prowess in the field of defence technology by successfully developing and supplying Loiter Munitions powered by electric engines to the Indian Army. Now, the company has set its sights even higher, proposing to develop a new variant of Loiter Munitions, one that will be powered by a Small Turbojet Engine, with a thrust ranging from 0.3 to 0.8kN.

The potential of this new variant is truly remarkable. With the turbojet engine’s increased thrust, it will be able to carry a significantly larger explosive warhead, making it even more potent in neutralizing high-value targets. Moreover, this enhanced propulsion system will bestow the Loiter Munition with nearly double the range of its existing electric engine-powered counterpart. Such a substantial increase in range will allow it to cover vast distances, effectively expanding its operational capabilities and reach.

Those familiar with the matter have disclosed that the proposal is currently awaiting clearance from the esteemed Defence Ministry. Concurrently, the company is engaged in talks with both the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force (IAF) to finalize the technical requirements and specifications. Before commencing the development of this advanced system, the company has taken the commendable approach of funding the entire project internally, utilizing its resources.

The diverse power systems of Loiter Munitions have already proven their effectiveness, with hybrid power, gasoline internal combustion engines (ICE), and battery-powered electric engines being among the options explored. The addition of a small Turbojet Engine represents a significant leap in technological advancement, promising even greater speed and a more extended range.

The proposed Turbojet Engine-powered Loiter Munition is envisioned to be Tube/Catapult or Air-Launched, endowing it with the exceptional ability to carry higher warheads and attain greater speeds. These attributes are particularly crucial in navigating and penetrating air spaces protected by sophisticated air defence systems, ensuring mission success even in the face of formidable adversaries.

Loiter Munitions have emerged as a key asset in modern warfare, capable of undertaking complex operations and significantly augmenting India’s defence capabilities. As such, the development and deployment of this new variant will undoubtedly bolster the country’s military prowess and solidify its position as a technologically advanced defence force in the region.

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