The Western Naval Command of Indian Navy has announced maiden flight of the Drishti 10 drone, manufactured by Adani Defence and Aerospace took place on Friday. This advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) promises to significantly enhance the Indian Navy’s maritime surveillance capabilities.

The Drishti 10, also known as the “Starliner,” boasts an impressive 36-hour endurance, allowing for extended surveillance missions. Its 450 kg payload capacity ensures it can carry essential equipment for comprehensive data collection. Notably, the Drishti 10 is the only all-weather military platform with STANAG 4671 certification, signifying its compliance with international airworthiness standards for UAVs. This versatility enables it to operate in various weather conditions and seamlessly integrate into segregated and unsegregated airspace.

The flagged off Ceremony was held last month in Hyderabad, that was officiated by Admiral R Hari Kumar, the Chief of the Naval Staff. The ceremony, attended by 75 Navy personnel, highlighted the importance of this new addition to the Indian Navy’s arsenal.

Adani Defence and Aerospace, the manufacturer of the Drishti 10, is actively contributing towards India’s self-reliance in defense and security sectors. The company’s ambitions extend beyond domestic needs, aiming to secure a global leadership position in the defense industry.

The successful maiden flight of the Drishti 10 represents a significant step forward for both the Indian Navy and Adani Defence and Aerospace. This advanced drone has the potential to revolutionize maritime surveillance, providing valuable intelligence and ensuring greater safety and security at sea.