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Indian Navy has revealed plans to develop an Indigenous Integrated Mast that will be installed on future destroyers of the Indian Navy. A horn-shaped structure in which numerous antennas for tactical data link, TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation System), and communications are integrated within the design of the mast itself to Reduce signature, Reduce ship-building time, Better operational performance, and Enormous savings in below-deck space.

The program will be executed in two phases, In Phase-I, the integration of R-ESM, COMMIT, V/UHF communication, and Datalink antennae will be integrated into a single mast without Radome. In Phase II, a radome will be integrated that can withstand marine environments and can also operate without hindering various frequency bands of the antennas that are integrated into it.

The Japanese government recently agreed to export to India a similar system called UNICORN (UNIted COnbined Radio aNtenna) NORA-50 integration mast that is used first on the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s new frigate JS Mogami (FFM-1).

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