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Bengaluru’s Raman Research Institute (RRI) will work with the Indian Navy’s combat systems engineering wing to develop secure communication channels of strategic importance using quantum technologies.

RRI announced last week a ground-breaking demonstration of secure communication between a stationary source and a moving receiver using quantum key distribution. Although the Indian Navy intends to use it for ship-to-shore communication in the first phase, quantum communications would provide secure communications for Indian missile submarines, raising the possibility that it could be used to communicate with nuclear-armed submarines.

U.S. researchers discovered that quantum communications with submerged objects in turbulent water are possible and the possibility of remaining in touch with submarines that are part of India’s Nuclear Triad not only has strategic value but also ensures that Indian Military planners can direct order a nuclear strike in response to a first strike in event of war in minutes instead of hours or days.

Nuclear Armed submarines often hide in the vast ocean when they are on patrol duties so that at least a few nuclear weapons survive any possible first nuclear strike from adversaries. Indian presently has two nuclear-armed submarines in operation and will be adding 2 more in the next 2-3 years and has plans to procure 5 bigger submarines that will have twice the displacement then current submarines so that can stay hidden for almost 60-70 days at a stretch without making any contact with the surface world to enforce Nuclear Grid.

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