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Following the Indian Navy’s decision to cancel the proposed acquisition of 13 MK-45 anti-surface and anti-air gun systems from the US for its 11 under-construction frigates and destroyers, a new plan has emerged. The Indian Navy is now aiming to embrace a larger ‘Make in India’ initiative to develop 127-millimeter (mm) gun systems domestically, instead of pursuing the deal with the US.

The primary reason behind this strategic shift was the high cost associated with the 127mm gun systems procured from abroad. To address this cost concern and promote self-reliance in defence manufacturing, the Indian Navy has decided to embark on an ambitious journey to develop indigenous 127mm gun systems for its naval fleet.

In pursuit of this objective, the Indian Navy has turned to the private sector, with Bharat Forge, a leading Indian company, stepping up to the challenge. Bharat Forge has a proven track record in the defence industry, having successfully developed nine artillery guns ranging from 105mm calibre to 155mm calibre. Leveraging its expertise, the company has enthusiastically accepted the responsibility of developing 127mm gun systems tailored for naval warships.

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