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In a significant move towards modernization, the Indian Navy has embarked on a program to convert the propulsion systems of its warships from steam to diesel. This upgrade aims to significantly enhance the lifespan, maintainability, and overall capability of the vessels.

According to sources familiar with the development, the conversion process began in early April with the INS Beas, a frigate belonging to the Brahmaputra class. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with Cochin Shipyard Ltd., a government-owned shipbuilding company.

The shift from steam to diesel propulsion is part of a comprehensive mid-life upgrade program that encompasses the overhaul of various onboard equipment and systems. The entire process is expected to be completed within two years.

Currently, the Indian Navy has only two other steam-powered platforms – INS Vikramaditya (an aircraft carrier) and INS Jalashwa (a landing platform dock). The success of the INS Beas conversion is likely to pave the way for similar upgrades to these vessels in the future.

The transition to diesel propulsion is a strategic step forward for the Indian Navy. It will equip the force with more efficient, capable, and cost-effective warships, ensuring India’s continued maritime security and dominance in the region.