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The Indian Navy has issued a call to private sector companies to collaborate on the design and development of an indigenous Sonar Beacon System. This crucial system is used to send distress signals and SOS messages in the event of a submarine emergency while at sea.

Currently, the Indian Navy imports Sonar Beacon Systems, but the goal is to indigenize this technology. Two sets of the Sonar Beacon System are required for use in all submarines, making it an essential component of underwater safety and communication.

One of the key specifications for this project is to design the Sonar Beacon System in NATO frequency, ensuring its compatibility with all submarines in the Indian Navy’s fleet. The Sonar Beacon serves as a sonar emergency pinger, designed to operate independently from a ship’s power supply, thanks to its internal lithium battery.

The system can be activated manually or automatically triggered upon water contact, emitting acoustic signals. These signals are then detectable by passive sonar systems on board naval ships or through handheld diver units. This capability is vital for the rapid detection and location of a distressed or damaged submarine, facilitating timely rescue operations.

The Sonar Beacon System can be configured with either one or two frequencies. Low-frequency transducers enable long-range detection capabilities, while a high-frequency transducer offers precise guidance for rescue equipment at closer ranges.

The move to develop an indigenous Sonar Beacon System aligns with the Indian Navy’s broader goals of enhancing self-reliance and promoting domestic defence production. Collaborating with private sector companies underscores the importance of leveraging industry expertise and innovation to meet the Navy’s operational requirements.

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