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The Indian Navy has taken a significant leap in enhancing its operational efficiency with the induction of two cutting-edge Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) ceilometers. These advanced systems, designed and developed under the ‘Project Megh Suchak-10’ (MS10) initiative, were handed over to the Navy by Dr. Ajay Kumar, Director of the Instruments Research and Development Establishment (IRDE) in Dehradun.

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) ceilometers are advanced laser-based systems that measure cloud base heights with exceptional accuracy.

Gimbal-mounted Design:
 This innovative design allows the ceilometer to rotate and scan a wider horizontal area, providing panoramic cloud cover data. This is a crucial advantage for airbases, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of surrounding cloud formations.

Enhanced Detection Range: With a 10 km range, the MS10 ceilometers can effectively detect cloud base heights at a significant distance, providing valuable information for flight planning and ensuring safe takeoffs and landings.

The successful development and deployment of these LIDAR ceilometers under Project Megh Suchak-10 is a testament to India’s growing expertise in indigenous defense technology. This project highlights the country’s commitment to self-reliance in critical defense equipment.