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Indian Navy’s indigenous stealth frigate, INS Sahyadri participated in the Maritime Partnership Exercise with Royal Navy’s RFA Argus and RFA Lyme Bay, part of the UK Littoral Response Group South, the Indian Navy said.

The exercise, which took place on Thursday aimed to enhance interoperability and strengthen maritime cooperation between the two nations, Exercise Highlights include Tactical manoeuvres, Boarding operations, Surface engagement against simulated asymmetric threats, Cross-deck visits, and Cross-deck helicopter operations.

“Tactical manoeuvres, boarding ops, surface engagement against simulated asymmetric threats, cross deck visits & cross deck helo ops conducted. The exercises provided an opportunity for both navies to exchange best practices & benefit from each other’s experience & expertise,” the Indian Navy wrote in a post on X.

The exercise provided an opportunity for both navies to: Exchange best practices, Benefit from each other’s experience and expertise, and enhance their capabilities in maritime operations

This exercise demonstrates the Indian Navy’s commitment to strengthening maritime partnerships and promoting regional stability.

It also highlights the growing bilateral defence cooperation between India and the UK.