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The Indian Navy has taken a giant leap towards self-reliance in munitions with the successful certification of a new, domestically developed explosive. Manufactured by Solar Industries, SEBEX-2 promises to revolutionize the Navy’s arsenal with its superior power.

SEBEX-2 boasts a blast effect exceeding any currently used solid explosive. This innovative formulation packs a punch – it’s reported to be 2.01 times more powerful than a standard TNT explosion! The destructive potential of explosives is measured in TNT equivalence, with higher numbers signifying greater impact. SEBEX-2’s impressive 2.01 rating positions it as a true force multiplier.

Developed by Economic Explosives Limited (EEL) in Nagpur, SEBEX-2 represents a significant stride in India’s quest for self-sufficiency in defense manufacturing. This advancement aims not only to bolster the Navy’s firepower but also to enhance the overall efficiency of its weaponry and ammunition.

The successful certification of SEBEX-2 marks a pivotal moment for India’s defense industry. This accomplishment paves the way for a more potent and self-reliant future for the Indian Navy.