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The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure 120 hundred and twenty) Fast interceptor Crafts- Indigenous (FIC-I) for the Indian (IN) from registered Indian Shipyards. The FIC-I would be constructed in an ed manner over 04 years (2026-2030).4. The Intended Use of FIC (Operational Requirements). The FICs-I shall be capable to carry out waterfront patrolling of coastal areas including harbor infrastructure such as the Command Headquarters, Naval Bases, Naval Dockyards, Breakwaters, Naval Jetties, etc.

Inherent to this capability would be to escort High-Value Units while entering/leaving the harbor. FICs will protect the strategic assets located in the vicinity of Naval bases and operate with Force Protection vessels and other craft deployed. In addition, FICS will carry out interception of high-speed craft and seaward anti-terrorist patrols for the security of coastal installations, naval harbors, and own coast.

FICs will operate in shallow waters and extreme tropical conditions. Additionally, FICs will also carry out independent deployments for a minimum of one day at sea including surveillance around a group of islands. The FICs will also provide medical act as water ambulance for casualty evacuation of persons in need of urgent medical attention.

120 FICs are proposed to be acquired. The anticipated delivery timelines for the NGFICs are proposed between 2026 to 2030 in lots of 30 Ships per year. Shipyards are to indicate their comments on the build period and timelines for delivery.

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