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In a significant move symbolizing national pride and cultural embrace, the Indian Navy has officially permitted officers and sailors to wear kurta-pyjamas in informal settings within mess halls and institutes. This decision aligns with the government’s broader “Indianisation” initiative, aiming to infuse traditional elements into military customs and practices.

The new dress code outlines specific guidelines for the kurta-pyjama attire. Kurtas must be plain colored, knee-length, and feature cuffed sleeves with buttons or cufflinks. Pyjamas should be slim-fitting and match or contrast with the kurta. Additionally, waistcoats or jackets are offered as optional accessories.

This change is strictly applicable to informal gatherings within mess halls and institutes, emphasizing its non-operational nature. Warships and submarines will continue to adhere to existing uniform regulations.

This momentous step marks a significant departure from past restrictions and reflects a conscious effort to embrace Indian culture. It signifies a move towards shedding colonial-era influences and fostering a more inclusive and representative identity within the Navy.