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The Indian Navy, in collaboration with a public sector company, is embarking on a project to develop and manufacture a locally-built manned submersible. This swimmer delivery vehicle (SDV) will be used by the elite MARCOS (Marine Commandos) to discreetly transport them and their equipment for vital special operations missions.

The ambitious program aims to procure at least a dozen of these advanced submersibles, which will offer a significant advantage in covert underwater operations. Additionally, these SDVs will be armed with a single indigenous lightweight torpedo, enhancing their offensive capabilities.

Designed to be launched from both warships and specially modified submarines equipped with dry deck shelters, the manned submersibles will offer unprecedented flexibility and operational reach for the MARCOS. While details of the program remain classified, sources close to the project have confirmed, that basic testing is expected to begin within the next 12-18 months.

The ability to deploy MARCOS silently and discreetly using these submersibles will undoubtedly enhance the Navy’s ability to conduct a wider range of special operations, including reconnaissance, sabotage, and hostage rescue. This project, once completed, will be a major game-changer for the Indian Navy, solidifying its position as a leading naval force in the region.

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