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The Indian Navy successfully completed the maiden landing gear replacement of a P8I aircraft in a mere six days, showcasing the collective expertise and collaborative spirit of the team involved. The complex operation, undertaken between April 1st and 6th, 2024, at INS Rajali, involved a composite team comprising personnel from M/s AIESL, Mumbai and Indian Navy representatives.

The swift and flawless execution of this critical maintenance feat underscores the Indian Navy’s commitment to maintaining mission-readiness of its P8I fleet. The P8I is a long-range maritime patrol aircraft that forms a vital part of India’s maritime surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. A functional landing gear system is critical for the safe operation of the aircraft.

The successful completion of the landing gear replacement exemplifies the effectiveness of collaboration between the Indian Navy and M/s AIESL, Mumbai. This teamwork between the military and industry partners ensures that the Navy has access to the necessary expertise and resources to maintain its fleet at peak performance.