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In a move to significantly enhance its naval capabilities, the Indian Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) has approved the acquisition of over 200 BrahMos extended-range supersonic cruise missiles. This deal, valued at approximately Rs 19,000 crore, marks a major investment in bolstering the Indian Navy’s anti-ship and attack operations.

The BrahMos extended-range (ER) variant, speculated to have a range of around 800 kilometers, represents an upgrade over the baseline configuration. While maintaining the same size and overall design, the ER missile reportedly incorporates an active radar seeker for improved target acquisition. This advanced seeker technology allows the missile to independently locate and engage its target, enhancing its effectiveness in diverse operational scenarios.

Powered by a potent liquid propellant ramjet motor, the BrahMos ER boasts high supersonic speeds, making it a formidable weapon for both offensive and defensive purposes. Its extended range provides the Indian Navy with greater strategic reach and deterrence capabilities, allowing it to engage targets at significant distances from the coastline.

This acquisition aligns with India’s focus on strengthening its maritime security and emerging as a dominant force in the Indian Ocean region. The BrahMos ER missiles will equip warships across the Indian Navy fleet, significantly enhancing their firepower and operational flexibility.