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The Indian military has taken a step towards boosting soldier capabilities by procuring passive exoskeletons from Newndra Innovations, a Rajasthan-based company. These exoskeletons, named JaipurBelt and ArmMax, are designed to improve soldier productivity, endurance, and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

“JaipurBelt provides support to a soldier’s back and spine, while ArmMax can support the back, spine, and arms,” said Ganesh Ram Jangir, CEO of Newndra Innovations. These exoskeletons can significantly increase a soldier’s weight carrying capacity by 5 to 35 kg, depending on the specific needs of the operation.

One of the key advantages of these exoskeletons is their passive design. Unlike powered exoskeletons, the JaipurBelt and ArmMax do not require batteries or motors. They utilize a unique hinge mechanism with hydraulics and springs to capture the gravitational potential energy generated during bending motions. This stored energy is then used to provide support when carrying heavy loads or performing strenuous activities.

The exoskeletons themselves are lightweight, weighing around 1.8 kg, and boast a shelf life of three to five years. They offer significant benefits for various military applications, including handling heavy ammunition, loading and unloading supplies, and carrying equipment over long distances.

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