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Social media has been abuzz with reports of 125mm high-explosive tank shells of apparent Indian origin being used by Ukrainian forces. These shells, marked “SHELL 125 MM HE 1A” and manufactured by Munitions India Limited (MIL), have emerged after previous sightings of Indian-produced 155mm artillery shells in Ukraine.

MIL is a government-owned defense company in India, and India has officially maintained a neutral stance on the ongoing conflict. The appearance of these shells raises questions about how they ended up in Ukrainian hands.

The Indian government has not commented on the reports of Indian-made shells being used in Ukraine. India has previously faced criticism for its neutral stance on the conflict, and this latest development is likely to draw further scrutiny.

The 125mm shells in question are designed for use in smoothbore tank cannons, most notably the main gun of the T-72 tank. These shells are high-explosive (HE), intended for destroying enemy armored vehicles, fortifications, and personnel.

The exact route through which these shells reached Ukraine remains unclear. The Indian government’s official position is also unknown. These developments highlight the complex geopolitical landscape surrounding the ongoing conflict.