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Indian-manufactured 155mm artillery shells have once again been spotted in use by Ukrainian forces, this time in a video showcasing Caesar self-propelled artillery systems firing them. This raises questions about India’s neutrality in the ongoing conflict, as the government has officially denied directly supplying weapons to either side.

The shells in question are the 155MM HE ERFB BB, produced by Munitions India Limited (MIL). They are known for their extended range and accuracy, and Ukrainian troops have reportedly praised their “superior quality.”

While India has maintained a neutral stance, the shells appear to have reached Ukraine through a third-party route. Media reports suggest they were initially sold to two European countries before being transferred to Ukraine. However, the exact details of this transaction remain unclear.

The Indian government has reiterated its official position of neutrality and denied any direct involvement in supplying arms to Ukraine. They maintain that the sale of these shells to other countries is a standard business practice and not intended for any specific conflict.

Despite the official stance, the presence of Indian-made shells in Ukraine raises concerns about the potential for escalation and challenges India’s neutrality. Some experts argue that even indirect supply of arms undermines the country’s position and could have diplomatic and economic repercussions.