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According to a recent Ministry of Defence (MoD) report, India is developing a new Long Range Surface Air Missile (LRSAM) system designed to neutralize airborne threats at extended ranges. This weapon system will be a welcome addition to the Indian Navy and Air Force’s arsenal, bolstering their ability to counter a wide array of aerial attacks.

The LRSAM system, being indigenously developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), boasts impressive capabilities. It’s envisioned to effectively engage not only high-flying aircraft and ballistic missiles but also low-flying, sea-skimming anti-ship missiles and even anti-ship ballistic missiles. Design reviews for crucial sub-systems and rocket motors are reportedly complete, signifying significant progress in the development process.

With an operational range of nearly 350 kilometers, the LRSAM system promises to provide robust air defence. It’s designed to counter a diverse range of aerial threats, including stealth fighters, conventional aircraft, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, precision-guided munitions, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This comprehensive defence capability will significantly enhance the security posture of both the Indian Navy and Air Force.

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