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The Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL) of India has made significant progress in bolstering the country’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities. Their indigenously developed Advanced Light Torpedo (ALWT) is set to be integrated with the P-8I maritime patrol aircraft, significantly enhancing India’s aerial anti-submarine defence.

The ALWT is a lightweight, dual-speed torpedo designed for launch from various platforms, including ships, helicopters, and now, fixed-wing aircraft. Previously, NSTL had successfully tested an air-launched torpedo prototype in 2021 using the Il-38 maritime patrol aircraft fleet, which has since been retired.

The ALWT boasts impressive capabilities, offering a range of 25 kilometres at low speed (25 knots) and 12 kilometres at high speed (50 knots). This flexibility allows for strategic deployment against submarines in various scenarios.

The P-8I’s advanced surveillance and tracking capabilities, coupled with the ALWT’s destructive power, will provide a robust anti-submarine warfare package. This integration is currently under study, and further details regarding the timeline for implementation are awaited.

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