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Indian defense technology company EndureAir Systems has unveiled its latest innovation – the ‘Sabal’ series of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These small, electrically powered drones are designed specifically for military logistics operations, offering a versatile solution for cargo delivery and battlefield observation.

The Sabal series comprises two models – Sabal-10 and Sabal-20. Both boast a low audio and visual signature, making them difficult to detect by enemies. This enhances mission success rates and troop safety.

Designed for easy deployment, the Sabal UAVs can be transported and operated by a mere two personnel. This allows for rapid deployment in forward areas. EndureAir emphasizes that approximately 65% of the components used in the Sabal UAVs are sourced from India. This not only reduces dependence on foreign technology but also fosters domestic production and job creation.

The Sabal series features a tubular fuselage with two ovoid nacelles at each end. These nacelles house the electric motors and two-bladed rotors, providing efficient propulsion. Batteries and payloads are secured to the underside of the fuselage for optimal weight distribution. Each nacelle also integrates an inverted V-shaped landing leg for sturdy landings.

The Sabal UAVs are equipped with a state-of-the-art dual electro-optic/infrared stabilized sensor turret. This advanced system allows for long-range observation, providing valuable intelligence to troops on the ground.