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Bangalore-based drone startup NewSpace Research and Technologies (NRT) is making waves with its innovative Combat Cloud platform, designed for data fusion and distribution within drone swarms. This cutting-edge technology, part of NRT’s Fused Teaming with Unmanned Rapid Effects (FUTURE) initiative, promises to revolutionize battlefield communication and decision-making.

Imagine a network where authorized drones, each a node, seamlessly share and analyze critical data. This is the essence of Combat Cloud. Each drone acts as a sensor and processor, contributing to a shared intelligence picture that empowers faster command and control (C2), quicker OODA loop closure (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), and intelligent decision-making at the edge of the battlefield.

Combat Cloud goes beyond mere drone communication. It fosters collaboration between drones and manned platforms, enabling Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUMT). This seamless integration opens up a new era of battlefield flexibility and adaptability.

NRT recently demonstrated the power of Combat Cloud with a thrilling showcase. A swarm of UAVs took off, executed complex tasks using collaborative autonomy and AI, and safely returned to base, all under remote command through Combat Cloud. This impressive feat marks a significant milestone for NRT and underscores India’s growing prowess in drone technology.

The demo also unveiled India’s first Level of Interoperability (LOI) 5 swarm autonomy stack. This translates to drones located tens of kilometers away being controlled from NRT headquarters in Bangalore using a 4/5G mesh network architecture. This achievement opens exciting possibilities for the Indian Defense Forces, enabling remote teleoperation of swarming drones across vast distances.

NRT’s Combat Cloud demonstration is a game-changer for India’s defense landscape. It showcases the country’s commitment to cutting-edge drone technology and its potential to revolutionize warfare. The ability to remotely control and coordinate swarms of intelligent drones over large distances offers significant tactical advantages, enhancing battlefield awareness and decision-making capabilities.

With Combat Cloud at its core, NRT is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Indian drone technology. Its deep engineering expertise and continuous innovation promise to propel India towards a leading position in this rapidly evolving field.

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