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In response to heightened security concerns due to rising Pakistan-backed terrorist activities in the Pir-Panchal ranges of Jammu, the Indian Army organized a weapon training camp for members of the civilian Village Defence Committee (VDC) in Reasi.

The interactive workshop equipped 30 VDC members with crucial skills in weapon handling, cleaning, and minor repairs. This initiative aims to empower local communities to participate in their own self-defense, fostering a sense of security and vigilance.

The training included not only practical exercises but also lectures and discussions emphasizing the VDC’s broader role. Soldiers interacted with members, exchanging views on motivating youngsters to join the defense forces and advocating against drug abuse. This holistic approach highlights the army’s commitment to building trust and collaboration with local communities.

“The VDC plays a vital role in maintaining peace and stability in vulnerable regions,” said Defence spokesman Suneel Bartwal. “This training camp empowers them to contribute effectively to their own safety and well-being.”

This initiative underscores the Indian Army’s proactive approach to counter-terrorism efforts. By equipping local communities with self-defense capabilities and fostering collaboration, the army aims to create a more secure environment in Jammu and Kashmir.