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The Indian Army has taken a significant step towards enhancing its artillery support capabilities by issuing a Request for Information (RFI) for the procurement of High Mobility Vehicles (HMV) 6×6. These specialized vehicles, known as Gun Towing Vehicles (GTV), are crucial in providing the necessary mobility and logistical support for heavy artillery units.

The RFI outlines several key parameters for the Gun Towing Vehicle, which are pivotal to its effectiveness in supporting heavy artillery units:

  1. Towing Capacity: The GTV, 6×6, must have the capability to tow a Gun or Radar system weighing up to 20 tons. This high towing capacity is vital for transporting heavy artillery pieces, ensuring they can be rapidly deployed and positioned as required.
  2. Crew Accommodation: The GTV, 6×6, should be equipped with a cabin that can comfortably accommodate a crew of six individuals. This provision ensures that the vehicle can efficiently transport both personnel and equipment, facilitating seamless operations.
  3. Ammunition Handling: The vehicle must be equipped with a 2-ton Material Handling Crane (MHC). This feature enables the safe and efficient handling of ammunition, a critical aspect of artillery support.
  4. Self-Recovery Winch: To navigate challenging terrains, including soft patches of sand or slush, the GTV, 6×6, should be equipped with a power drive winch for self-recovery. This capability enhances the vehicle’s resilience and mobility during operations.

Supporting the Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS):

The procurement of these HMV 6×6 vehicles is particularly significant as they are intended to support the Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS). The ATAGS is a state-of-the-art artillery piece with a weight of approximately 17 tons. To fully harness the capabilities of this heavy artillery system, it is essential to have specialized vehicles like the GTV, 6×6, that can efficiently transport, tow, and provide logistical support.

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