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The Indian Army’s Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) BMP-2 Sarath has undergone a significant upgrade, enhancing its combat capabilities. The most notable improvement is the increased capacity to carry two Forget Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGMs) instead of the previously integrated single missile.

This upgrade represents a step towards modernizing the Army’s ATGM arsenal, transitioning from second-generation systems to more advanced third-generation fire-and-forget models. This shift focuses on enhanced accuracy, range, and lethality against enemy armor. Notably, the Army is also actively developing indigenous third-generation ATGMs, further bolstering its self-reliance in this critical area.

The BMP-2 Sarath upgrade extends beyond missile integration. The Army also plans to incorporate the Canister Launched Loiter Munition System (CLAMS) on the BMP-2/CMT chassis. CLAMS offers a potent combination of loitering capabilities and precision strike, allowing the BMP-2 to operate beyond line of sight and engage targets with devastating accuracy.

The CLAMS integration adds a new dimension to the BMP-2’s capabilities. It can now perform reconnaissance missions, gather intelligence, and provide close air support in addition to its primary role as an infantry fighting vehicle. This enhanced versatility makes the BMP-2 a more valuable asset in a wide range of combat scenarios.

The upgrade also includes the integration of twin Konkurs-M launchers on the BMP-2. These launchers offer a cost-effective solution for engaging armored targets, supplementing the more advanced Forget ATGMs.

To further enhance the BMP-2’s effectiveness in night-time operations, Alpha Design Technologies has provided the TISK (Thermal Imager Standalone Kit). This kit provides the gunner with improved situational awareness and target identification capabilities in low-light conditions.

These upgrades significantly enhance the BMP-2 Sarath’s firepower, versatility, and survivability on the battlefield. The increased firepower allows the ICV to engage multiple targets at once, while the CLAMS integration provides a crucial reconnaissance and precision strike capability.

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