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In a significant display of indigenous defense capabilities, the Battle Axe Division of the Indian Army recently conducted successful tests of indigenously manufactured anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) at the Pokhran field firing range in Jaisalmer district. The tests, which encompassed both day and night operations, marked a milestone in India’s quest for self-reliance in defense manufacturing and technology.

The anti-tank guided missiles, designed to bolster the Indian Army’s firepower and operational effectiveness, represent a formidable addition to its arsenal of advanced weaponry. Manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), Hyderabad, the Konkurs-M ATGMs have been indigenized to the maximum extent, showcasing India’s growing capabilities in defense research, development, and production.

The Konkurs-M ATGMs, weighing 15kg and boasting a range of 2.5km, are equipped to engage and neutralize armored vehicles equipped with explosive reactive armor. As a second-generation mechanized infantry anti-tank guided missile, the Konkurs-M is specifically designed to counter the evolving threats posed by modern armored warfare scenarios.

One of the key features of the Konkurs-M ATGMs is their adaptability and versatility in various combat environments. Designed for ease of deployment, the missiles can be launched from a tripod, offering flexibility and maneuverability in dynamic battlefield situations. This capability ensures that Indian Army units can effectively engage hostile armored targets with precision and accuracy, enhancing their combat capabilities and operational readiness.

The successful testing of the indigenously manufactured ATGMs underscores India’s commitment to reducing dependency on foreign suppliers for critical defense equipment and technologies. By leveraging domestic expertise and innovation, India aims to strengthen its defense industrial base and achieve self-sufficiency in meeting the operational requirements of its armed forces.

The indigenization of the Konkurs-M ATGMs represents a significant milestone in India’s defense modernization efforts. By transitioning from licensed production to indigenous manufacturing, Bharat Dynamics Limited has demonstrated its capability to innovate and adapt to evolving defense requirements, while also fostering technology transfer and skill development within the country.