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The Indian Army has taken a significant step towards modernization with the launch of “Vidyut Rakshak,” an in-house innovation designed to enhance generator efficiency.

Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi, Vice Chief of the Indian Army, unveiled the integrated Generator Monitoring, Protection and Control System developed by Major Rajprasad RS of the Corps of Engineers. Vidyut Rakshak marks a milestone achievement, being the first such innovation to transition from concept to mass induction within the Indian Army.

This accomplishment signifies the Army’s commitment to technological advancements. Vidyut Rakshak is set for widespread deployment after a successful transfer of technology between the Indian Army and IS Trading & Co., facilitated by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Foundation of Innovation & Technology Transfer (FITT).

Lt Gen Dwivedi lauded the Army Design Bureau (ADB) for its role in fostering innovation. He also commended Major Rajprasad RS for his dedication in bringing Vidyut Rakshak from its initial stages to practical implementation.

The induction of Vidyut Rakshak aligns with the Indian Army’s vision of transforming into a “Modernized, Tech Infused and Transforming Force.” This innovation is expected to improve generator performance and optimize resource utilization within the Army.