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The Indian Army has developed a resourceful and innovative solution to enhance its anti-tank capabilities. They have modified a tractor to serve as a mobile launcher for Konkurs-M anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs). This ‘Jugad’ (Hindi for ingenious improvisation) creation, named the Improvised Tractor Mounted ATGM, can carry four ATGMs for quick reloading, with one launcher mounted on the tractor itself.

The Konkurs-M missile is a second-generation, mechanized infantry weapon designed to take down armored vehicles, including those equipped with explosive reactive armor. Offering versatility, it can be launched from both BMP-II tanks and ground launchers. With a range of 75 to 4,000 meters and a flight time of 19 seconds, the Konkurs-M provides a significant advantage in engaging enemy armor.

The Indian Army’s use of a tractor as a mobile ATGM platform demonstrates its ability to adapt and improvise in the face of operational demands. This cost-effective solution can potentially increase the number of ATGM launchers available in the field, strengthening the army’s anti-tank defense capabilities.

The concept of ‘Jugad’ is not new to the Indian military. The armed forces have a long history of innovatively modifying and adapting existing equipment to suit specific battlefield requirements. This resourceful approach not only addresses logistical challenges but also fosters a culture of self-reliance and problem-solving within the military.

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