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According to a report in ” Business Standard”, Indian Army has started the trial process of the Indo-Isreali developed high-precision loitering munition system developed by UVision Air Ltd and Hyderabad-?based Aditya Precitech Private Ltd (APPL) called PALM 400.

PALM 400 is a long-range, high-precision loitering munition system with a low acoustic, optical, and thermal signature that can identify, track, and hit stationary and moving targets. Targets are relocated with pinpoint accuracy and minimal collateral damage.

The PALM 400’s precision-strike capabilities, extended endurance of up to two hours, and multipurpose warhead – including concrete-piercing, high explosive, and fragmentation – allow it to engage various types of targets with exceptional accuracy and long-range, flexible missions.

The PALM 400 has a sophisticated mid-air abort capability that allows autonomous re-entry into loitering mode, re-engagement, or parachute return to the recovery location due to its superior manoeuvrability.

Another PALM RPV passed a grueling set of trials in the extreme altitudes of Sikkim in mid-February. The RPV was launched from 18,000 feet and, after hovering at 19,500 feet, fired a thermobaric warhead that hit a target 8 kilometers away.

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