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The Indian Army, after successfully inducting loitering munition or suicide drones capable of taking out heavily fortified main battle tanks and armored vehicles, is now engaged in discussions with private defense sector companies in the country to develop a low-cost Miniature Loitering Munition. This weapon is specifically designed to neutralize a single soldier or a small group of soldiers in a bunker.

The Miniature Loitering Munition should possesses several advantageous features, including a compact size and a quiet motor, making it extremely difficult to detect, recognize, and track, even at close range. It can be easily carried in a backpack, rapidly deployed, and operated manually or autonomously, offering versatility in combat situations.

While traditional loitering munitions can cost around 30-40 lakhs per unit, the Indian Army aims to develop a low-cost alternative that is only 10-20 percent of that price. This affordability would allow for the substitution of not so effective grenades, which are typically priced at 3-4 thousand rupees but are highly ineffective over distances of 30 to 35 meters.

The Army’s requirement for the Miniature Loitering Munition is that it should be capable of traveling distances between 200 to 500 meters so that it can be used to suppressing heavy fire originating from bunkers or concentrated areas. With the successful induction of drones capable of dropping grenades, the Miniature Loitering Munition will serve as another cost-effective option for ground troops.

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