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The Indian Army is set to bolster its offensive capabilities with the procurement of 500 HELINA Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGMs). The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) had earlier approved the acquisition of these missiles, along with launchers and associated support equipment, to be integrated into the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH).

The integration of HELINA ATGMs into the ALH is a significant step towards weaponizing these helicopters for countering enemy threats. These missiles will enhance the Army’s offensive capabilities and provide a valuable asset for anti-tank warfare.

The decision to order 500 units of HELINA ATGMs is part of the Indian Army’s broader plans to equip its aviation corps. The Army Aviation Corps is planning to procure 90 Light Combat Helicopters (LCH) named “Prachand.” Additionally, the Army is keen on outfitting approximately 60 ALH-Rudra Weapon System Integrated (WSI) helicopters with the potent HELINA ATGM.

The induction of these missiles into the ALH and LCH helicopters will significantly enhance the Army’s firepower and its ability to tackle Armoured threats effectively. This move represents a strategic step to strengthen India’s defence capabilities and readiness for modern warfare scenarios. The orders for the HELINA ATGMs are expected to be placed next year, marking a crucial milestone in enhancing the Indian Army’s combat capabilities.

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