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The Indian Army is set for a significant boost in its firepower with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) expected to approve the procurement of nearly 2,000 155mm terminally guided munitions (TGMs) later this year. This move marks a major stride towards self-reliance in critical defence technology.

Last year, the Army took a crucial step by issuing Project Sanction Orders (PSOs) to five domestic companies under the Make-II procurement scheme. These companies – Munitions India Ltd (MIL), Adani Defence Systems and Technologies Ltd (ADSTL), Bharat Forge Ltd, Economic Explosives Ltd, and Premier Explosives Ltd – were tasked with developing prototypes of 155mm TGMs.

The domestically produced TGMs are expected to be significantly cheaper than their international counterparts. Estimates suggest a cost of around Rs. 80 lakh per munition, nearly 50-60% less than imported options.

The 155mm TGMs boast impressive capabilities as guided munitions can home onto targets within 10 seconds of reaching the anticipated impact zone, minimizing collateral damage and enhancing battlefield effectiveness.

The TGMs are equipped with built-in ECCM capabilities, making them less susceptible to enemy electronic jamming attempts. The seeker technology allows these munitions to lock onto targets illuminated by external laser designators, providing operational flexibility.

Designed to be compatible with all in-service 155mm artillery guns, the TGMs offer seamless integration into existing weapon systems. Army initially has plans to procure 2,000 TGMs paving the way for a larger acquisition. The Army’s long-term requirement stands at a staggering 33,372 rounds.

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