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The Indian Army is poised to acquire additional Air Defence Tactical Control Radars (ADTCRs) to bolster its air defense capabilities. This crucial decision is now cleared by the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) headed by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on February 16th.

Developed by the Electronics and Radar Development Establishment (LRDE) of DRDO, the ADTCR is a game-changer in air surveillance. This 3D AESA radar boasts the following key features:

  • Volumetric Surveillance: Provides comprehensive 3D coverage, ensuring no aerial threats go undetected.
  • Advanced Target Detection & Tracking: Accurately tracks diverse targets, including small and low-flying objects.
  • Friend/Foe Identification: Effectively distinguishes friendly aircraft from potential threats.
  • Real-time Data Sharing: Transmits vital target data to multiple command posts and weapon systems for swift response.
  • High Mobility: Deployed on two high-mobility vehicles, enabling rapid deployment in diverse terrains, including plains, deserts, and mountains.
  • Advanced Technology: Leverages Active Phased Array Technology, Digital Beam Forming, and distributed Digital Receivers for superior performance.

These capabilities make the ADTCR a vital asset for the Indian Army, enhancing its ability to:

  • Detect and track incoming air threats in real-time, providing valuable lead time for countermeasures.
  • Protect critical infrastructure and personnel from aerial attacks.
  • Improve battlefield awareness and enable informed decision-making.
  • Strengthen overall air defense posture along India’s borders.

The potential acquisition of additional ADTCRs signifies the Indian Army’s commitment to modernization and strengthening its air defense capabilities. This move comes amid evolving security threats and the need for robust air surveillance systems to safeguard national security.

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