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In a significant move to enhance its anti-tank capabilities, the Indian Army has recently placed orders for cutting-edge Israeli anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs). These missiles, known for their extended range and enhanced armour-penetration capabilities, are set to bolster the Army’s firepower, providing a potent deterrence against armoured threats on the battlefield.

The Indian Army had previously inducted Israeli Spike LR-2 launchers and missiles, which boasted a formidable ground strike range of 5.5 kilometres. The latest order for these advanced ATGMs marks a follow-up to this procurement. The acquisition has been facilitated through Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems Pvt Ltd (KRAS), a joint venture (JV) company between Kalyani Strategic Systems Ltd (KSSL) a subsidiary of Bharat Forge Ltd and Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (Rafael) Ltd.
This collaboration ensures that 90% of the missile components are locally sourced, reflecting India’s commitment to the “Make in India” initiative.

The Spike missile system has demonstrated its effectiveness as a reliable ATGM unit. The initial procurement was partly motivated by the urgency of addressing operational gaps during the troop stand-off with China. These fifth-generation ATGMs provide the Indian Army with an agile and versatile tool for neutralizing armoured threats, a critical need in modern warfare scenarios.

The IAF has incorporated Spike NLOS (non-line of sight) missiles into its arsenal, extending its ability to engage ground targets from a distance of up to 30 kilometres. These missiles are equipped on Russian-origin Mi-17V5 armed helicopters, significantly augmenting their strike capabilities.

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