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Indian Army will conduct a Tri-Services Integrated Firepower Exercise at Pokharan, Rajasthan on March 12. It will be an exercise, based on the indigenously manufactured weapon systems. The Indian Army said that it is all set to organise a Tri-Services Integrated Firepower and Manoeuvre Exercise at Pokharan Field Firing Ranges (Rajasthan) on March 12. The prowess of indigenously manufactured weapons and equipment of Indian Armed Forces will be showcased, in battlefield conditions, under the nation’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative.

According to the Indian Army, the exercise is aimed at displaying the might of the indigenous weapons and equipment of Indian Armed Forces.

Last month, Pokhran Range near Jaisalmer witnessed thunderous explosions and applause, as the Indian Air Force showcased its offensive capabilities through an enthralling and formidable display of its firepower.

The exercise was witnessed by the Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan.

During the display, approximately 50 tonnes of ordnance were dropped in a short span of two hours over an area of two sq. km.