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The Indian Army recently conducted trials of the improved version of the Nag Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) at the Pokhran field firing range, as reported by the Times of India. This development comes alongside the successful demonstration of the NAMIS tank destroyer, solidifying India’s advancements in indigenous anti-tank weaponry.

While details of the specific range improvement remain undisclosed, the upgraded Nag ATGM belongs to the third generation, potentially offering advantages in accuracy, lethality, and countermeasure resistance compared to its predecessor. Its existing “fire-and-forget” capability and tandem warhead design for top-attack engagements ensure effectiveness against armored targets.

This indigenously-developed tracked armored vehicle boasts a crewless turret capable of launching six Nag missiles, significantly enhancing anti-tank firepower for mechanized infantry units. Its deployment aims to bolster offensive and defensive capabilities along India’s borders.

With the successful trials, the Indian Army inches closer to inducting the improved Nag missile and NAMIS into its active inventory. Further tests and training will be crucial for seamless integration and maximizing their operational impact. The success of these indigenous weapon systems paves the way for India’s continued advancements in defense technology and self-reliance.