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During a joint military exercise in Rajasthan, India, the Indian Army showcased the use of trained kites for surveillance and potential anti-drone capabilities. These kites, named “Arjun” and “Deep,” are not your typical childhood playthings. They are equipped with head-mounted cameras that transmit real-time video feeds to ground troops, providing crucial situational awareness.

This innovative approach leverages the natural agility and maneuverability of birds to navigate complex terrains, particularly in remote or challenging areas where conventional drones or aircraft might struggle. Additionally, the unobtrusive nature of kites allows them to operate undetected by enemy radars, a significant advantage in conflict zones.

While the “Dharma Guardian” exercise primarily focused on surveillance, the potential for these trained kites to intercept and disable enemy drones is being explored. This unique application of nature and technology highlights the Indian Army’s pursuit of creative solutions to address evolving challenges on the battlefield.