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On October 17, the Indian Army marked a significant step in its modernization efforts as it approved the Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for the procurement of 118 Integrated Surveillance and Targeting Systems (ISAT-S). This advanced system, as outlined in the AON, is set to bring a revolutionary transformation to the way the Army’s armoured divisions conduct their operations.

This procurement is part of the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC)’s approved AoN for nine capital acquisition proposals, collectively valued at approximately Rs 45,000 crore. The ISAT-S has been meticulously designed to provide comprehensive surveillance and targeting capabilities tailored to the needs of mechanized forces, making it a game-changer in the landscape of modern warfare.

The ISAT-S comprises a suite of cutting-edge components, including a Surveillance Drone, Operator Control Unit (OCU), Remote Video Terminal (RVT), and Tube-launched Loitering Munitions, among others. These integrated systems work in synergy to offer an unparalleled advantage in terms of situational awareness and precision targeting.

One of the standout features of the ISAT-S is its adaptability to various environmental conditions. It is designed to be launched from altitudes of up to 4500 meters, making it suitable for high-altitude operations. Moreover, it can operate seamlessly in a wide temperature range, from as low as minus 20°C to as high as 45°C, showcasing its versatility and reliability.

The surveillance drone integrated into the system is equipped with a colour day video camera and a monochromatic night thermal camera. These high-quality cameras enable the drone to detect human targets at ranges of up to 4,000 meters, with recognition capabilities extending up to 2,500 meters. This exceptional visual range empowers the Army’s mechanized forces with the ability to identify and track targets with remarkable precision.

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