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The grand spectacle of the Indian Army’s full-dress rehearsal for the Republic Day parade on January 13th, 2024, held on the majestic Kartavya Path, offered a glimpse into the nation’s military might. Among the cutting-edge equipment and disciplined formations on display, one particular system grabbed the attention of defense enthusiasts: the Mahindra Alakran Vehicle Mounted Infantry Mortar System (VMIMS).

The Alakran, named after the formidable scorpion for its sting and agility, is not your average mortar. While traditional mortars have served as a mainstay of infantry firepower for centuries, their inherent limitations are undeniable. Deploying them can be cumbersome, their mobility is restricted, and they are vulnerable to counter-battery fire. Enter the Alakran VMIMS, a revolutionary system that changes the game.

The Alakran system addresses these shortcomings by mounting the mortar onto a pick-up truck. This allows for rapid deployment and relocation, as the vehicle can quickly maneuver to advantageous firing positions. Once on site, the mortar is deployed onto the ground using a hydraulic system, making it ready to fire within seconds. This agility and speed offer significant advantages over traditional mortar setups, allowing for surprise attacks and quick reactions to enemy movements.

The Alakran system boasts not just speed but also enhanced precision. The integrated fire control system ensures accurate targeting, while the vehicle platform provides a stable base for firing, further improving accuracy compared to ground-based mortars. Additionally, the vehicle offers protection for the crew from enemy fire, unlike their exposed counterparts on the ground.

Mobile Mortar Mayhem:

At its core, the Alakran VMIMS is an 81mm or 120mm mortar system mounted on a rugged pick-up truck. This marriage of firepower and mobility transforms the battlefield. Here’s how it works:

  • Rapid deployment: Forget the laborious process of setting up a traditional mortar. The Alakran uses a hydraulic system to effortlessly deploy the mortar from the vehicle onto the ground in mere seconds. This not only saves precious time but also minimizes exposure to enemy fire.
  • Enhanced accuracy and range: The integrated fire control system and ballistic computer of the Alakran ensure superior accuracy, allowing Indian troops to engage targets with pinpoint precision at distances of up to 7 kilometers.
  • Superior survivability: Unlike static mortars, the Alakran’s mobility is its shield. Once the firing is done, the mortar is quickly loaded back onto the vehicle, enabling rapid relocation and avoiding counter-battery attacks.
  • Versatility on wheels: The Alakran’s pick-up truck platform offers several advantages. It navigates rough terrain with ease, can be airlifted by helicopters like the Chinook or Mi-26, and even parachuted into remote locations.

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