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The Indian Army is gearing up for the challenges of tomorrow by exploring the creation of an in-house “adversarial force” for wargaming exercises. This initiative, aimed at promoting innovation and developing futuristic capabilities, aligns with India’s push for self-reliance (Atmanirbharta) in the defense sector.

The concept of an adversarial force involves establishing a dedicated unit within the army that simulates the strategies and tactics of potential future opponents. This allows for more realistic wargaming scenarios, enabling the army to identify vulnerabilities and test new technologies and doctrines against a constantly evolving threat landscape.

This development comes alongside the army’s plans for “test bed brigades.” These brigades will serve as platforms for trialing new equipment and operational concepts. The synergy between the adversarial force and the test bed brigades is expected to create a dynamic training environment that fosters innovation and adaptability.

This initiative reflects the Indian Army’s proactive approach to safeguarding national security. By creating a realistic training environment and fostering self-reliance, the army is well-positioned to tackle the complexities of future warfare.