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Indian Army has issued two separate Expression of Interest for the procurement of 65 Tactical Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and Ten (10) Runway Independent (RWI) Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) with Ground Control System (GCS) and Remote Video Terminal (RVT) through Fast Track Procedure under Emergency Procurement.

Tactical RPAS (RWI) should be capable of Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) or Catapult launch ) should be capable of target acquisition by day and night. The RPAS should be equipped with sensors to enable transmission of MWIR and CCD camera imagery pictures of High Definition (HD) resolution. The system must be able to detect, track, recognize and identify the targets. with Upto 4000 M (13000ft) Operating Altitude with endurance should be 6 hrs or more.

The airframe should last for at least 4000 flying hours or sustain not less than 1500 landings and should be constructed with lightweight composite material to facilitate low Radar Cross Section (RCS) of ? 01 m2.

Runway Independent (RWI) Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) with Night visibility and target acquisition capability is an ideal multi-sensor system, to carry out day and night, real-time reconnaissance, surveillance and Direction of Artillery Fire (DOOAF) of an area of interest.

The system will provide high-resolution imagery to enable target detection, recognition, identification and accurate location of adversary’s location/build-up, location of mortars/ guns, and movement to troops and vehicles during border management tasks and active operations. It will also facilitate accurate engagement and direction of Artillery fire.

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