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The Indian Army is soaring into the future of logistics with the induction of powerful cargo drones, revolutionizing the way supplies reach troops in even the most challenging terrain. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are not just toys, but capable workhorses, lifting payloads ranging from 20kg to 100kg, significantly easing the burden on traditional transport methods.

But the Army’s ambition doesn’t stop there. Plans are already in motion to further expand cargo capabilities, with talks underway with private sector companies for the development of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Cargo UAVs. These behemoths will be game-changers, capable of hauling a whopping 300-500kg of cargo over distances of 400-500km.

The high-altitude capability of these VTOL UAVs is particularly crucial for the Indian Army, unlocking access to remote mountainous areas previously inaccessible by conventional means. This translates to faster and more efficient delivery of essential supplies to troops stationed at the frontline, a critical advantage in any military operation.

The benefits of these cargo drones extend far beyond the battlefield. They can be deployed for disaster relief operations, delivering vital aid to remote villages cut off by floods or landslides. Additionally, they can be used for search and rescue missions, carrying medical supplies and equipment to those in need.

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