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The Ministry of Defence, Government of India has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for the procurement of approximately 823 High Mobility Vehicle 8×8 General Service.

The vehicles will be used for transporting heavy equipment on metalled roads and tracks, including towing of trailers loaded with tanks and other equipment weighing up to 50 tons. The platform should facilitate modification for other uses, including troop carriage, containerization, and other specialist roles.

The vehicle engine will have a contemporary diesel engine meeting BS-IV Emission Norms, with a minimum power-to-weight ratio required to carry a load of 12 tons on a flatbed on highways or to tow a trailer with loaded tank/other equipment with a total towing weight of up to 100 tons on the highway.

The transmission system can be fully automatic/manual with a selectable 8×8 drive, and a differential lock facility will be provided on all axles. Engagement of high/low gear and differential lock will be controlled from the driver’s cabin

The vehicle will have a twin-circuit pneumatic/hydraulic service brake system with ABS. It should be able to hold the vehicle with a payload of 12 tons on a gradient of not less than 250 and a gradient of not less than 70 with a loaded trailer of 50 tons.

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