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The Indian Army, which currently operates four regiments of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles, is set to procure two additional regiments with an extended range of 800km. This move highlights the Army’s commitment to strengthening its offensive capabilities and enhancing its operational reach. The deployment of the 3rd and 4th BrahMos regiments in 2016, equipped with the Block III variant of the missile, bolstered India’s defence capabilities along the China border in the northeast region.

The Block III variant of the BrahMos missile introduced trajectory maneuvering and steep-dive capabilities, specifically tailored for mountain warfare scenarios. Following India’s inclusion in the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) in 2016, the software limitations were lifted, resulting in an increase in the missile’s range from 290km to 450km.

The enhanced variant of the BrahMos missile is expected to have an extended range of 800km, providing the Indian Army with enhanced operational flexibility and increased striking capabilities. Additionally, reports from mainstream media suggest that the missile’s speed will be further improved, potentially reaching speeds above Mach 4. The 800km variant of the BrahMos missile has reportedly undergone testing and is currently undergoing refinements before being cleared for production.

Each regiment consists of approximately 100 missiles and includes five mobile autonomous launchers mounted on heavy-duty 12×12 trucks, as well as a mobile command post and other hardware and software components. These regiments form a crucial part of the Indian Army’s offensive capabilities, enabling swift and accurate targeting of enemy positions.

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