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Indian Army has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to procure quantity 850 Nano-Drones (200 Sets of 04 x AV along with HHGCS, base station plus 30 Ni AV and 20 day AV along with complete accessories through Fast Track Procedure under Emergency Procurement under Buy (Indian) Category and seeks participation in the procurement process from prospective Bidders subject to requirements in succeeding paragraphs.

Since Indian Army is mandated to conduct special missions in conventional operations, Counter Insurgency (CI)/ Counter Terrorism (CT) operations, Out Of Area Contingency Operations & Sub Conventional Operations deployed along Northern Borders, Line of Control (LC)/ Line of Actual Control(LAC) & hinterland need enhanced situational awareness about the potential threat as obtained in the intended target area.

Currently, these reconnaissance and surveillance missions during and before actual operations are conducted by small teams of their troops. The need for the physical presence of troops as scouts not only increases the risk of casualty but can also jeopardize the complete operation. Hence, our troops must be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to conduct these high-risk high pays off missions.

The existing volatile situation prevailing along Northern Borders and in the hinterland in Disturbed Areas mandates urgent procurement of Nano Drones for enhancing the immediate situational awareness of the troops.

The technical specification of the Nano Drone that the Indian Army is seeking is that the Weight of one AV should not be more than 250 grams with a mission range with a maximum Up Weight should not be less than 2 Kilometers. Nano-Drones should have an Endurance of not less than 30 minutes with all Up Weight and should have GPS-aided navigation software to navigate through waypoints and also should have vision-aided navigation to be able to operate in GPS-denied areas.

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