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The Indian Army has taken a major step forward in modernizing its communication infrastructure by issuing a Project Sanction Order (PSO) to two vendors for the design and development of prototypes for the Tactical Communication System (TCS).

The TCS is set to replace the existing Army Radio Engineering Network (AREN) and will boast significantly enhanced capabilities. It will be able to handle the complex communication requirements of Tactical Command Control, Communication & Intelligence Systems, providing the Indian Army with a critical advantage in the field.

This initiative marks a significant milestone as the TCS is the first Make I case amongst the three Services under the Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAP) 2020 for which a PSO has been issued. The Make I category is designed to promote indigenous development of defense equipment by Indian industries.

The project will involve two Indian vendors designing and developing prototypes for the TCS. These prototypes will then be rigorously evaluated and tested before a final decision is made on which one will be adopted for full-scale production.

The TCS is a crucial program that will equip the Indian Army with a modern, secure, and reliable communication system, giving them a significant edge in modern warfare.