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Indian Army has issued Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for procurement of a 155 mm/ 52 Calibre Mounted Gun System (MGS) has been accorded by the Competent Authority to be procured under Buy (Indian- IDDM) under provisions of Chapter II of DAP 2020.

The broad characteristics in respect of the ‘155 mm/ 52 Calibre Mounted Gun System (MGS)’ are as under:-

(a) Calibre. 155 mm.
(b) Barrel Length 52 Calibre.
(c) Maximum Combat Weight (Excluding Crew) <30,000 Kg.
(d) Service Life Not less than 20 years.
(e) Maximum Range. More than 38 Km.
(f) Minimum Range. 5 Km at High Angle.
(g) Ammunition Compatibility. The gun system must be able to fire all in-service. 155 mm ammunition.
(h) Barrel Life. Minimum 1500 Equivalent Full Charge (EFC).

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