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The Indian Army is gearing up for a technological leap in its logistics capabilities. By 2027, they aim to phase out mules and replace them with Robotic Mules This project signifies a significant shift towards automation and modernization in high-altitude transportation.

The Indian Army is seeking the expertise of private companies to develop these Robotic Mules. This initiative fosters collaboration between the public and private sectors, leveraging cutting-edge technology for military applications.

Unlike existing robotic mules designed for flat terrain, these next-generation mules will be specifically built for high-altitude regions. They’ll be powered by internal combustion engines (ICE) to ensure reliable operation in harsh conditions.

The robotic mules will be equipped with pre-programmed GPS capabilities. This allows them to navigate autonomously, following predetermined routes to deliver supplies to remote outposts. This not only reduces reliance on human intervention but also enhances delivery efficiency.

Army has asked for new mules to be designed to be quieter than traditional mules, minimizing noise disturbances in sensitive areas. Additionally, they boast an impressive operational range of 30 kilometres and a travel speed of nearly 5 kilometres per hour.

These robotic mules are expected to have a cargo capacity of 100-150 kilograms, depending on their configuration. Cameras will be integrated to enable terrain avoidance, ensuring safe navigation through challenging high-altitude landscapes.

The Indian Army’s move towards robotic mules signifies a commitment to modernizing its logistical capabilities. By deploying these advanced systems, the Army can expect improved efficiency, reduced risk to personnel, and enhanced operational effectiveness, particularly in high-altitude regions.

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