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The Indian Army is mulling a significant increase in its initial requirements for the Stryker combat vehicle. Talks are currently underway with the potential manufacturer to develop an army-specific variant of this 8-wheeled armored personnel carrier, with a Technology Transfer (ToT) agreement for indigenous production in India.

Initial discussions centered around procuring 350 Stryker vehicles. However, the Indian Army is now considering doubling this number to 530 units. This substantial increase reflects the army’s growing interest in the Stryker’s capabilities and its potential to equip 10 battalions.

Before finalizing the deal, the army plans to rigorously test the Stryker’s performance in challenging Indian terrains. Trials are expected to take place in both the western deserts and high-altitude regions. The data gathered will be used to suggest improvements for the Indian variant.

A key area for improvement identified by reports is the engine’s power output. The current 300 horsepower engine might not be sufficient for high-altitude operations. The original engine manufacturer, Caterpillar, has proposed a solution: a more powerful 600 horsepower engine to address this specific challenge.

The ToT agreement, a crucial aspect of the potential deal, would allow India to manufacture Stryker vehicles domestically. This aligns with India’s push for self-reliance in defense manufacturing and fosters a strategic partnership with the manufacturer.

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